i spent the weekend in cazadero, california to go away and work on this. i’d only learned about this town through chaz bundick to be painfully honest, although i hope i can buy back some cool credit by mentioning i have been to jenner and up the sonoma coast. like many others. 

2 years later, im reading through my posts here, cringing, laughing, and admiring how much i feel things. i am slowly admitting to myself that is who i am. is this what happens when emo grows up?

anyway, i recognize a big reason for this outlet is my own achievement of self-importance by establishing an identity and individuality totally separate from whatever i currently do for work, whatever that i think i view as stiff/corporate/lifeless. but the truth is, i am really loving what i do for work at the moment and maybe don’t mind the association. it comes down to how i will never stop writing and trying to understand people. and the latter can be a really nice, constant daily challenge.

i’m working on some other personal projects that explore just that. it’s cooking. i’ll share later.

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