page 3: pali puka

this was photo was taken about an hour after marcus landed on oahu and met my parents for the first time. 

pali puka is a quick hike that veers off from pali lookout, taking you through a small bamboo forrest, then a steep, exposed cliffside path with sheer drop-offs, loose dirt, lots of tree roots, and a couple ropes to keep you on the trail. once you’re on the ridge, all you’ll see is oahu’s windward coast. it’s a short, dodgy trail worth the second guessing. the views of the lush valleys and mountain ranges kind of engulf you. 

something i thought was worth noting: this is the same ridge where the battle of nuuanu happened - a key event in hawaiian history and king kamemeha’s wars to unify the hawaiian islands. 

the trail peaks at the puka, a hole in the mountain that peers out to nuuanu valley way down below. i didn’t get too many photos of it, but unreal hawaii has a bunch of cool shots, as well as other pictures from some hikes in the islands. pali notches is another bold, way gnarlier hike directly across pali puka. i can feel those cliff drops in my throat…

shot on olympus stylus epic
pali lookout, oahu, february 2016

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