all my friends

hello again

in many ways, i feel like i’m starting over, back in time. i haven’t blogged in several years or really shared more than a few lines under a photo to tell everyone what i’m up to. 

for the last 3 months, i’ve been slowly disconnecting from instagram. i don’t log on or share posts or stories, although i really want to. it started to feel like a big party where i didn’t know most of the people and then i got uncomfortable.

in a twisted desperation for self-expression, i’m here, repurposing this space for mostly unrestricted thoughts. i’m out of writing practice but i think i’ll get better at it. 

blogging is my favorite internet era. writing in my own corner of the digital world, waiting for someone to find me. 

marcus and i biked up hawk hill on monday morning. it was quiet and foggy. we watched the haze blanket the city, from downtown to the coast. and then we biked down and down and down.

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