days 36-37: madrid, spain

august 9-10, 2023

again, the heat makes us slow and keeps us from spending more time outside. the air is heavy and unhealthy to be in - air quality is not good. 

however, we did visit the reina sofia where i learned about more surrealist and cubist artists on my way to see guernica by picasso in person.

i remember learning about guernica in high school art history class, and seeing it is the sort of thing you do in madrid if you can and if you care. it’s a big piece but looks sort of undone, not in a way i am drawn to. but there were pieces by many other artists that i connected with more. no photos allowed of any of the art in the area guernica was located.

francis picabia (reminds me of barry mcgee’s work)

angeles santos

hermen anglada camarosa

salvador dali

we went around to do more siteseeing - essentially historical palaces, fountains at the center of roundabouts, and shopping districts where we can only look at stuff because we are traveling only with backpacks. of course, we ate more paella and jamon, and marcus got a waffle shaped like a punani, dressed in dark chocolate, filipinos (a european biscuit), kitkats, and a cleverly-situated pink gummy.

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