work space

i think i’ve had eleven blogs in my lifetime so far. 

the first one was a xanga, for ranting about boys in the hopes said boys would read. another one was a daily photo diary i kept for a couple years in college. (tiring and funny). a couple other ones were a blend of swipe files and blog posts. another couple were/are writing portfolios i’ve gotten lazy about updating. there was also another one dedicated solely to yolks and jokes – egg-based recipes and jokes i wrote. none of them had a crazy number of followers or made me internet famous (haha i’m good), but they ended up being really cool places to revisit after some time to see what life was like back whenever. for what it’s worth, ages 18-21 were especially interesting.

so here comes #12, and it’s current purpose is to share some of my favorite past memories, and photos/memories to come. it’s also going to become a place i share what i’m thinking, working on, or feeling inspired by lately. it’s also going to mold itself. it’ll be interesting, boring, and probably goofy. 25 has been a year of highs and lows but my favorite thing so far is picking up where i left off in documenting life and making things. you may or may not care, and that is a-okay.

i’ve learned these days, free time is so hard to come by and with that, creating becomes less of a priority. i’m making this a pocket of my universe to show my work 

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