mount tam at sunset

marcus, tofe, and i drove up mount tam after work to take photos at sunset with some other folks. 

the last time i was here was not a good memory. it was fall last year and i was on a bike, so tired and under-fueled on a 70-mile ride from the city to alpine dam and now at these hills, called seven sisters. i thought i could get by on two gel packets and water bottles. by the time i got to this part of the ride, i was light-headed and talking to myself to keep going. i made it out fine but learned the hard way to bring the right food.

i left home in a funk, my mood mirrored by the gloomy, cold weather. but the sun and heat came through as soon as we crossed the golden gate bridge. the feeling was unfamiliar, even though i was just back on oahu last week. i wasn’t sure if it was marin, my allergies, or some illness. 

we watched the sun go past the mountains behind stinson beach and went home to eat a late dinner.

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