page 1: kuliouou, last leg

kuliouou ridge trail, oahu. february 2016

we headed to hike kuliouou…of course hung over from the previous night. 

the hike is only four miles long, but the trip up catches up with you quick. the area is just one ridge of a handful on the east side of the island. the first half passes through a small forrest, and the second half welcomes you to an open area. a narrow dirt path, framed loosely by ferns, moss, and young trees. crawling up a half mile further, walls of rock merge with the dirt, and a couple ropes act as a limp rail guard to take you closer to the top. it’s unmaintained fun, and practical. we reached the summit to a panoramic view of the east side of oahu. sloping, lush cliffsides. smaller, more spaced out homes, even smaller islands in the distance, and more ocean. 

it’s clear, warm, and super windy up here

shot on olympus stylus epic
kuliouou rige trail, oahu, february 2016

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