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waimea bay, oahu. february 2016

the north shore’s foodland holds a pretty close place in my heart. whenever i leave town and head up for a day trip to haleiwa, foodland’s a mandatory pit stop. and not just for me, but for so many other locals and non-locals on that part of the island. 

for those not familiar, foodland is a supermarket chain based in hawaii, well-known for its variety of poke, among other things. even their fish section’s slogan is hawaii’s home for poke. probably google “foodland poke bowl” and you’ll see what i’m referring to…

on any given day, foodland pupukea gets a packed mix of people. you’ll see people heading to the beach, coming from the beach, on a grocery run, or on a break from a drive along the coast. and on any given day, you can guarantee most folks are dressed light. board shorts, bikinis, slippers, etc etc, and yeah, tan. also, to put things in context, i have a friend who vouches for going on tinder while in this foodland.

a typical trip to foodland for me and my buds means loading up on the classics…poke, musubis, sushi. i think it was just on this trip home that i noticed foodland’s beer selection, a fairly impressive, wide selection of craft beers, some of them local. we pick up a few bottles of things too.

so, note this. before any trip to the beach, you gotta perfect da spread. a well-rounded mix of drinks, pupus, all kine grinds to keep you busy and full while cruising in the sun. 

on this day, we had wailua wheat - which for some time used to only be sold in hawaii - gigantic ume, and a lanikai IPA to go with some sushi, poke, spam and red hotdog (gotta be redondos brand, easily) musubis, and boiled peanuts. (man, boiled peanuts never fail to remind me of my childhood, walking through chinatown with my mom while she did her own grocery shopping. she’d usually pick up a couple bags for me and my dad.)

between me, marcus, and carmela, we barely killed this spread. the beer was donezo but i think we were a little ambitious with everything else. but whatever, it was cool…because on this day, we had the whole right side of the beach to us. swimming and laying out and diving into and under waves. hanging out, catching up, talking story. at one point, a couple guys came outta nowhere from the bushes near us, they started scrapping, then the cops came to break it up, but after that, it was back to normal haha. at this point, i hadn’t seen carmela in almost a year, so we were just pickin up the conversation from where we last left it. those are the kinds of friendships i miss the most. 

the whole day was all no worries. on this day, it was a monday. a really good case of the mondays.

shot on olympus stylus epic
waimea bay, oahu, february 2016

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