these are the things i miss

originally written sometime in 2020. i found this in my drafts and i’m not sure why i never published it.

closing out week 3 of sheltering in place and week 5 of working from home, i’ve settled into a new routine but i’m missing my normal routines lately. there was a nice 2-week period where this whole thing was kinda fun, mainly because i didn’t have to worry about waking up early the next day. if i knew that the last time i’d see my closest friends was at a trampoline workout we did at house of air, i would have taken quality time more seriously.

here are the things i miss:

  • seeing my neighbors while riding muni
  • having dedicated time to read or listen to a podcast
  • being nosy about muni drama
  • going to art shows, museums, concerts, friends’ homes
  • spending time inside a store or restaurant
  • not having to wait in line to buy groceries
  • hanging out at the park without feeling guilty
  • surfing
  • hugging people who aren’t marcus
  • not over-wondering why my nose is running
  • going to planet granite
  • working out with people
  • going to noise, buying records, saying hi to sara
  • camping
  • wandering outside at a state park, national park, anywhere away from the city
  • going on long drives
  • not wiping down delivery boxes and groceries every time i get home
  • shaking people’s hands
  • reading about good news
  • knowing my parents are employed, getting paid, doing okay

what i don’t miss:

  • waking up before 7 am
  • riding to work and home on muni
  • being in an office
  • not being able to go to golden gate park while there’s still light out
  • “prior commitments”
  • not having time to do things i want to do, whether it’s cleaning, making something, getting rid of shit, or just being alone

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