— 2019 —


by our third day in the azores, alex, val, marcus and i silently decided none of us would say anything good about this place. this place felt like a quiet, semi-secret gem that we wanted to keep that way. at that point, it was becoming very clear we were on a special, rare trip. i have a hard time absorbing and getting a feel for a place when it moves quickly. but the azores moves pleasantly slow.

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eagle lake

i'm four years strong on this birthday backpacking tradition i started when i turned 24. for no good reason, i've managed to spend 3 of the 4 years at sequoia national park. this trip was much snowier than every other time. there were 12 of us, perched up next to a half frozen lake that's usually melted this time of year, with an icy waterfall out in the far distance that we would eventually trek to see up close.

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salt point

salt point state park is a wild, coastal nest - 6,000 acres of grassy headlands framed by pacific ocean sandstone cliffs. it's a 2 hour drive from san francisco, a breezy, mostly sunny getaway with lots to explore, hike, and boulder. many of us came here to do some combination of the three.

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