three years ago, i started a personal tradition of backpacking for a few days on and around my birthday.

every time i go on these trips, i realize how much i don't yet like backpacking. it hurts, it's hot, and also, there is no fear greater to me than sleeping overnight in backcountry where you are truly alone with your buddies in the pitch black wilderness. man, we're not even gone for that long - 3 days!! - but i still feel like kissing the ground i walk on in those last steps getting back to the car. 

but in those tough climbs getting to our destination, i get a lot of time for self-reflection and rumination. it's like spring cleaning - coming to terms with troubling thoughts or letting go, taking a moment to experience gratitude for another year growing and being alive. getting to the destination, pitching camp overlooking an intimate, unparalleled view of the lake/mountains/fields/trees is also really nice.

this year, we went to franklin pass at sequoia national park and camped out at franklin lake.

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