salt point, sonoma coast

when i was younger, i used to feel weird in the rare social situations my different friend circles converged. i just wanted everyone to get along and like each other. 

i care less now. probably because there are less people to worry about. suddenly my circle of friends is smaller, serendipitously curated, and ever-evolving. it's a cool mix of people who make me want to be better. and everyone seems to get along.

salt point state park is a wild, coastal nest - 6,000 acres of grassy headlands framed by pacific ocean sandstone cliffs. it's a 2 hour drive from san francisco, a breezy, mostly sunny getaway with lots to explore, hike, and boulder. many of us came here to do some combination of the three.

on this trip, i learned about spiked seltzer and sandstone – spiked seltzer to get me health-consciously intoxicated, sandstone to rough up my fingertips, palms, and forearms for hardier, future climbing days.

these are shots from our special and rare camping trip.

bubba + bubba kush

crucial pre-climb, nail-cutting moments

for scale

stop at bric-a-brac on your way out of jenner. it's a nursery and antiques shop across russian restaurant #1, where the russian river crosses.

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