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Guide to rejecting candidates with grace

Create a positive throughout the hiring experience, even when you say no.

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How to assess soft skills in the interview

Ask these questions to connect with candidates who align hiring needs.

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How to engage and retain remote teams

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Why you should hire for culture add

Hiring people similar to you could work against what you’re striving to build.

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3 commonly missed hiring opportunities

Attract candidates using your team and the marketer within you. 

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Quantifying the candidate experience

Here are four questions to consider when evaluating your hiring process.

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Recruiting tips and techniques for your team

Use these tactics from professionals on finding, engaging, and hiring top talent.

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The United States Nursing Labor Market Report 2014

Learn about healthcare trends affecting the hiring market.

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Social recruiting: Predictions and trends for 2014

Industry experts weigh in on the future of recruiting on social networks.

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Editorial \ University of San Francisco

Connections to San Francisco’s Filipino community run deep

Since 1999, USFers have volunteered at West Bay — tutoring elementary through high school students, mentoring them, and making them after-school eats. 

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Donated desktops and laptops help close the digital divide

USF donated 151 computers to 16 schools and nonprofits this summer, as part of the university's ongoing effort to help close the digital divide among underserved students and families.

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USF architects' house withstands hurricanes

Two USF architecture professors recently won national and state awards for their design of a flood-proof house that was built to withstand hurricanes and tsunamis.

Editorial \ Honolulu Weekly

Spending money to stay uncomfortable?

The University of Hawaii at Mānoa's energy bill was reduced by $150,000–thanks to one persistent grad student.

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